Large user base
Many corporate IBM OS/2 users all over the world have become eCS customers.

eComStation 2.1

eComStation is a secure operating system based on IBM OS/2 Warp. eComStation delivers a proven virus free, zero-downtime, OS/2 and DOS compatible operating environment for both industry and personal desktop use. eComStation runs all your OS/2 applications.

eComStation 2.1 features a simplified installation process and more extensive help information. It supports virtual and remote desktops and Internet connections. eCS 2.1 offers enhanced Multimedia support and updated printer- and system drivers. The English- or German language can be selected.

Available versions:


eComStation 2.1 Home & Student Edition for private use.
The home & student edition allows installation of a maximum of 5 software licenses per client.

eComStation 2.1 Business Edition for professional use

Software Subscription Services
eComStation Software Subscription Services includes installation / implementation support and software version upgrades during the subscription period. eComStation Software Subscription Services can be purchased for a period of 1, 3, or 5 years. More information about Software Subscription Services

eCS/2 allows IBM OS/2 and DOS users to run their existing programs on today's hardware.

eComStation delivers a proven OS/2 and DOS compatible operating environment.

Improved speed:
Due to its' improved filesystem eCS/2 runs your applications up to 10 times faster than OS/2 Warp.

Plug and Play network connectivity:
eCS/2 supports many networks environments, including Samba, Novell Netware, Token Ring etc.

Windows-like user interface:
eCS/2 optionally adds usability enhancements and custom controls to the user interface, which makes users feel right at home.

Some of our eComStation customers operational in 2015

Alstom, Germany
Belgacom, Belgium
Boeing, USA
Bowe, Bell + Howell, USA
Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
Caterpillar, Singapore
Colgate Palmolive, USA
Fujitsu, Japan
IBM Global services, USA
Johnson & Johnson, USA
Max Planck Institut, Germany
Michelin, France
Norwich Union, UK
OCE BV, The Netherlands
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Siemens AG, Germany
Stanford University, UK
Trustco Bank, USA
US Postal Services, USA
Universal Instruments Corp, USA
VMware, Inc., USA
Whirlpool Corporation, USA

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