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Why eComStation?

When IBM stopped developing OS/2, computer hardware continued to evolve. This resulted in the incompatibility of OS/2 with newer and modern hardware.
eComStation allows OS/2 to communicate and run on present day computer hardware with the specific DOS & OS/2 applications/programs written for it. eComStation can easily be installed directly from a DVD. The updated drivers in eComStation keep OS/2 running smoothly and stable on modern hardware.

Who uses eComStation?

Many of our customers have machines (e.g. production machines, POS machines, ATM's) that are expensive to replace and require specific OS/2 applications to operate them. By using eComStation it is possible to replace and update the computer hardware in a machine without changing the machine-specific OS/2 applications.

Other customers run critical OS/2 applications for their information management systems. When updating their computer systems they use eComStation to integrate these OS/2 applications into their new environment by either using virtualization techniques or running eComStation natively.

What do we offer?

We offer our customers expertise and full support for their eComStation installations. Normally the standard version of eComStation is being used, however we are able to provide customized solutions. We have extensive experience in the process of replacing/updating OS/2 or DOS based systems.

eComStation is only available for business users and can be ordered directly from our online shop.
If you want to evaluate eComStation first, you can request a trial license.

eCS/2 allows IBM OS/2 and DOS users to run their existing programs on today's hardware.

eComStation delivers a proven OS/2 and DOS compatible operating environment.

Alstom, Germany
AustriaCard, Austria
Belgacom, Belgium
Bilfinger Mauell GmbH, Germany
Boeing, USA
Bowe, Bell + Howell, USA
Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
Caterpillar, Singapore
Colgate Palmolive, USA

Fujitsu, Japan
Johnson & Johnson, USA
Max Planck Institut, Germany
Michelin, France
Norwich Union, UK
OCE BV, The Netherlands
Pittsburgh Embossing Services, USA

Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Siemens AG, Germany
Standard Bank, South Africa
Trustco Bank, USA
US Postal Services, USA
Universal Instruments Corp, USA
VMware, Inc., USA
Whirlpool Corporation, USA

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