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eComStation version 2.0 planned features:

(subject to change)

Support for ACPI: the ability to support ACPI is becoming more and more important in
order to take advantage of new power management capabilities, or even to support the
operating system on newer hardware. Therefore, support for this technology will be an
important feature in the new version of eComStation will be important to many users.
This is such a big project and moving target, that installation will be optional and
not fully functional on all hardware.

Improved harddisk management: eComStation 2.0 incorporates features to resize existing
harddisk volumes to create room for the installation of eComStation alongside other installed
operating systems. This will be available during the installation process, as well as
afterwards. This is especially interesting for users that want to keep using their
preloaded operating system, but like to have the ability to run eComStation alongside.
Besides resizing, eComStation 2.0 will check your harddrive prior to install and will
be able to (automtically) fix common found problems with your harddrive volumes.

Support for Bootable JFS: JFS offers advantages in system performance as well as
recovery times and stability. The new eComStation will offer the option to boot from
such volumes, enabling all data and programs to benefit from this modern file system.
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Support for Samba: built-in for accessing Samba network resources on either Windows
or Linux file servers, further improves the integration of eComStation in existing
networks, including NAS devices.

GenMAC: This driver offers support for the most common modern network cards, with a
strong accent on gigabit and on-board (wireless) network cards.

Firewall configuration: a new configuration utility for the eComStation firewall will be
provided. The built-in firewall is very efficient and its power will be unleashed by a
simple to use yet powerful configuration tool.

eComStation 2.0 will be released in time to be presented at the Warpstock Europe 2010
event which is held in Trier, Germany, from May 14 to 16.

Available releases

Proposed components of eComStation 2.1 and beyond:

ACPI updates: the ACPI project will be enhanced and an updated release will be included
in a newer release of eComStation.

CUPS: provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is
developed and maintained by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing
solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions.
It supports hundreds of modern printers. You can follow the progress on CUPS support at

Samba Server support: enables the utilization of your eComStation machine as a
(cost-efficient) file-server for your SOHO network.

OpenLDAP: OpenLDAP enables you to authenticate your eComStation workstation against a
Windows 2003 Active Directory server, as well as Novell or Linux networks. It is an open
source suite of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) applications and development
tools. The eComStation implementation will feature a convenient WPS configuration frontend.

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